Our Theme: Jesus and Other Worlds

Beginning Sunday, September 10th, we will begin looking at how we look at the world. Lots of different groups of people - both religious and secular - make claims about what's right and wrong; about how the world works; about who we are and what it means to be human; about what's true. We'll spend Sunday evenings taking a look at many of these worldviews, and also examining our own way of looking at the world. And we hope your kids will join us.  

YG Schedule and Topics

  • 10/8 - Game Night
  • 10/15 - Judaism
  • 110/22 - Islam
  • 10/29 - "Spirituality"
  • 11/5 - Dinner (Topic: Pluralism)

Sundays from 6-8pm in the Milligan House basement. 


Reflections for Parents

There's more to the topics we discuss on Sunday nights than can be covered in just a couple of hours, so each week you can find brief reflections that will help you pick up the conversation with your kids where we left off. 
Click here to see the latest reflections.

Recommended Resources

Each month, our Director of Ministries to Families and Youth recommends one resource which in the course of his reading he found might be helpful to parents and families.
Click here to see the latest recommended resource.